Join the Party at ManagetheChair

What is ManagetheChair?

ManagetheChair(MTC) is a community created to allow styling professionals a space to share work, realize trends and engage with other individuals in your profession. 

This space is designed to enable styling professionals to share work successes and challenges to improve their business. 

MTC will have the ability to have your posts, your conversations, video and potentially be a place for classes you can attend online. 

MTC wants to become the conference you can listen to anytime. So, join and contribute!

Benefits of joining the Community:

  • Connect with like-minded professionals from around the country and see trends earlier in your market and use this information to improve your business 
  • Participate in discussions, see presentations, and gather direct feedback on techniques and styles you can use. 
  • See a collection of information that you can use to elevate your business 
  • Learn how to transition your "hustle" to a business to benefit you 
  • Find new opportunities for collaboration and offer your classes

What We Offer

Our community is starting, but we will have members and soon-to-come contributors. Each will be able to participate in conversations, post, and provide insights and reactions. 

As the MTC community grows, Contributors can place classes in this space, and other unique opportunities will emerge. All parties can add topics for discussion or share insights.

Corrected Issues MTC addresses:

The styling world is changing quickly. In the past, it was trade shows where stylers could come together with distributors to get unique or professional products or even learn new techniques. 

Stylers could hear directly from manufacturing representatives and exchange insights on products. Many new products were developed because of this interaction. 

This Space strives to become an area where we can encourage that level of interaction and engagement. Once our community is large enough, we can encourage manufacturers to create communication lines within this space to better encourage direct engagement. 

So, we ask our members to spread the word about our platform, engage one another and MTC will work to leverage these organizations to participate. MTC is a space exclusively for the stylers. 

Stylers will use the space to hold conversations, learn from one another and share information that is easier to find than using social media or search engines. It is a space for professionals, so, sign up and start contributing today!

 If you are a styler today, earning what you want to make, with all the clients you need, share your success with others and serve as an inspiration. If you are not checking all those boxes, participating in MTC can align you with other professionals that can help you achieve your goals. "We stand stronger as a group, than as individuals" 

Our community is for Hair Stylists, Barbers, Nail Artists, Tattoo Artists, Lash Technicians participating in this community within their own collectives. Please feel free to look around and contribute your story, what you feel the Beauty community is missing or doing well.